How to Trade Forex News: An Introduction

The Forex market is huge, so it’s not surprising to find that newcomers to trading are often overwhelmed by the multitude of options and strategies available. However, there are several key principles that make it possible to trade the market safely, and that can help you find success.

Straddle trade

In trading news, the straddle is a strategy that allows traders to profit in both up and down market movements. The straddle is a trade in which the investor buys a call and put option at the same strike price. Buying the put and call at the same time is known as a long straddle.

The straddle is usually used in the lead-up to major company events. It can also be useful in a market that is uncertain and may take a sudden turn. However, this strategy is not suitable for every security. There are a few factors that must be considered before putting on a straddle.

First, the investor should know the volatility of the underlying security. Volatility refers to the amount of movement that a security can experience in percentage terms. If the underlying security fluctuates by too much, the straddle becomes unprofitable. This is because the stock can fall to zero, and the put and call options will expire worthless.

Secondly, the investor must determine the price range of the underlying security. This is important to understand because the stock will need to be at or below the strike price at expiration for the straddle to be profitable.

Thirdly, the trader must be ready for a quick drop in the price. To minimize this risk, the trader can opt to hold the option to expiration.

Double one-touch option

Double One-Touch options offer an agreed payout if the underlying asset price touches two predetermined levels. They are used in the forex market, which is highly volatile. If the price fails to touch the levels, the option will be worthless. The payout is determined by the broker based on several factors.

The payout is usually higher than other forms of trading. A double one-touch option is also useful to hedge uncertain price movements. However, it should be noted that double one-touch options are not as simple as regular options. There are many aspects to consider when using this strategy.

To successfully trade a double one-touch option, the trader needs to use an inflection point, a technical indicator, or both. Typically, it will take a major increase in volatility to generate a payout. Traders can also choose to combine the various types of options.

For example, a short straddle option can be used to achieve the same goal as a double no-touch option. It is a less expensive form of trading and is a good way to profit in less volatile markets. In fact, some brokers even offer a 80% payout on a single trade.

In addition, the payout is also a function of the underlying price. This is because the payoff amount is the result of a combination of the broker’s risk and reward parameters.


A slippage is any difference between the actual price of a trade and the expected one. Slippage can happen in any market venue, but it is most common in volatile markets and in areas with insufficient liquidity.

There are several ways to avoid slippage. Traders can limit their exposure to it by placing orders during periods of high liquidity or at the best times to make a trade. They can also opt to use stop losses to protect themselves against losses if the market moves against them.

The most obvious way to limit the risk of slippage is to keep an eye on the economic calendar. This is important because the release of data can cause rapid changes in the price of an asset. Monitoring the calendar can help you identify when and where to enter a trade.

Major news events can lead to large swings in the currency market. If you are not prepared to handle such volatility, you should avoid trading during these times. Even if you are a day trader, you should avoid trading during key news events.

If you are a scalper, you should also steer clear of major news announcements. You could be stuck in a position with no clear exit strategy if the news causes a significant price shift.